Rent Home in Evergreen, CO

Darren & Jule Nygaard – Evergreen, Colorado

You helped us find the BEST TENANTS EVER!!!!! We really do love them. They are a perfect fit for us, they are quiet, respectful and just really great people. Thank you so much for finding them for us.
It has made coming home that much better.


Evergreen Property for Rent

Lisa Zwerdlinger, MD – Cripple Creek, Colorado

I first met Sheila Walth in 2009 when I was looking for a property management company to help me rent my family home. I had been trying to do the property management myself and over the years had a few rental disasters. With Ms. Walth’s assistance I have only had high quality renters who not only pay their rent but care for my home. She is always readily available and quick to respond to my needs. I hope she never retires as I would be hard pressed to find someone else of her caliber.


Rental Property in Evergreen, CO

Mike B – Evergreen, Colorado

We moved overseas and needed someone to rent out and manage our home in Evergreen while we were away. We tend to be picky and have high expectations when it comes to service. With every home and homeowner having different needs and issues, I think individual service is key. Gatehouse Properties has given us the personalized service that we have come to expect. When we had questions, issues, or concerns Sheila was quick with a reply and options to remedy. It’s comforting to know that our home is well cared for by Gatehouse Properties.


Rental Properties in Evergreen, CO

Robert & Flora Thompson, Sumter, South Carolina

The key to hassle free rental property is to find the right tenant which Gatehouse Properties did for us. Being first time rental properties owners was a little scary, but Sheila Walth walked us through the process. She continues to provide excellent service and advice as needed. Gatehouse Properties handles all of our rental properties needs from A to Z for a modest price. They have made our decision to become rental property owners into a profitable experience. We can’t say enough about the great services that Gatehouse Properties continues to provide for us.


Properties in Evergreen, CO

Jerry Ballard, Evergreen CO

I have used Gatehouse Properties on two occasions to find responsible renters for my rental property in Evergreen CO. By “responsible” renters, I mean renters who will take care of my property and pay the rent in a timely manner. Gatehouse delivered on both occasions. The first time with renters who stayed for two years before moving to North Carolina. The second time with renters who I believe will be there for a long time. I use Gatehouse to find responsible renters only and I manage my property myself. Based on my knowledge of Gatehouse, I think they would do a great job at the management part as well. I also ask for and respect their advise on establishing the fair market rental value of my property and in the terms and conditions of the leasing agreement. If I ever need to find responsible renters again, I’ll be returning to them for their service.

Properties for Rent in Evergreen, CO

Tim R., Alaska (Eagle River)

Gatehouse Properties has my complete trust in managing my property while I am away. Sheila understands the rental market and stays right on top of any problems, needs, or issues. You’d be silly to try this on your own.



Penny D. – Whitmore Lake, Michigan

What a joy it has been working with Gatehouse Properties. I have a house in Evergreen, Colorado, however live in Michigan. I was anxious to find an agency who could rent this unusual house, to a responsible tenant, for the right rate and during a depressed market in Colorado. I also wanted to be able to put full trust in the agency to take care of any problems that may occur. What a lucky day to find Sheila who was able to do all that and more. What a nice lady. She found great tenants and handled any problems that occurred, timely.

She responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had and took care of all details in a professional manner. I almost think she works 24/7. Also, good to mention that I received all rental payments when expected. Originally I was going to use Gatehouse Properties, LLC to find the tenant and I would handle the tenant afterwards. I am so glad I decided to have Gatehouse Properties do both. It really has been a great experience and gives me a chance to relax as I feel at ease the Colorado home is in good hands. Thank you Sheila for helping me in every aspect of renting my home. I would highly recommend your service to anyone looking for a rental agency.

Susan Shook – Albuquerque, New Mexico

We were extremely satisfied with the services provided by Gatehouse Properties. Originally we were very hesitant to use a property management company, however, in hindsight it was the best possible choice we could have made. Sheila did a great job of screening potential candidates, assisted with both the move-in and move-out process and ensured that our interests were well represented. She was extremely professional and was able to quickly find tenants that we were extremely happy with. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sheila and Gatehouse Properties. I do believe this is the best investment you can make in your rental property. Keep in mind that I am about the pickiest person you ever want to meet and I don’t hand out compliments freely. So point is, my compliments are very sincere and we are very grateful for the assistance you gave us.

Susan Jones – Durango, Colorado

It is so comforting to know that Sheila is watching over our property. She selects tenants as if your house were her own house, then maintains a good working relationship with them and with you. Any questions or problems are dealt with quickly. What a relief!

Karen Walters – Denver, Colorado

Hello. My name is Karen Walters, and I’ve been a property owner in Pine, CO since 9/11. Sheila Walth has been my property mgr. since then as well. She retained renters for my property in 10/11 since I had to go down the hill to work. I’ve never had a problem with the renters, and Sheila took care of them when my well stopped working in 2012. She knew the folks in the area up there and the well was back in business a month later.

That in itself saved me time and money by not having to go up there and correct the problem myself. That was Priceless! I would be happy to recommend Sheila in a heart beat, and if future clients of hers needed a reference, I’d be happy to provide them with my number.

Pastor Norm & Deborah Franz – Kittredge, Colorado

“Sheila Walth and Gatehouse Properties are great! We had been looking for rentals in the area for several months and were very frustrated at not finding the right house. Then we met Sheila at Gatehouse, who went the extra mile to get us the house we really wanted. We have been with Gatehouse for three years and have seen how they really take care of the owner, the renter, and the property. For us, the big issue with renting is getting repairs on the house done when needed. Gatehouse has been quick to address needed repairs with the owners and arrange any work to be done with trusted local vendors. Gatehouse is the best property management company we’ve ever worked with… What a blessing!

Sue Steele, Wray, Colorado

My husband and I purchased our rental home in Evergreen 3 years ago. Since we live so far away we knew we would need help keeping an eye on things. Our real estate agent had worked with Sheila before and highly recommended her. Hiring Sheila was the best thing we could have done. She is always available to answer our questions and she is great with the renters. Her knowledge of the area and her experience with the local businesses has been invaluable. She has made the whole experience a lot easier. I would definitely recommend her.

Joe and Kay Bishop

Gatehouse Properties made our transition to a new home very simple. They have been extremely courteous, and responsive, handling all interactions in a very professional manner. We would recommend using their services over all other property management companies we spoke with in the area!

Sarah Hess

Friendly and professional. So happy to have Leigh Ann in our corner.

Lynn Taylor

If you have been looking for property management, you can stop looking. From start to finish, I could not happier. Leigh Ann Jordan from Gatehouse met with me while I was finishing up a remodel in Pine CO to discuss putting my home in the rental market. Leigh Ann is smart, available and knows the area well. She was able to help make great recommendations to finish my project, and then was able rent my home, to a quality tenant during a difficult rental period. Leigh Ann was always available and responsive for both myself and my tenant to address any questions or maintenance needs. I am now living out of state and Gatehouse made renting my beautiful mountain property a truly positive experience. When I decided to finally sell my home Leigh Ann went above and beyond to coordinate with the Realtor and tenant to make the transition smooth for everyone. Honestly if you are looking for property management, stop looking and call Gatehouse.